Old Florida Warrants

Do you have an old Florida warrant out for your arrest?

You wouldn’t be the first person it has happened to. One day, you’re driving down the road somewhere and see those dreaded red and blue lights in the rear view mirror. It’s bad enough that you just got a traffic ticket, but what if the officer tells you there’s an old Florida warrant out for your arrest? He says he isn’t going to arrest you on it, but he just thought you should know.

Did you know that an old warrant can still be hanging around, years or even decades later? The case may have happened when you were very young; now, you’ve moved on with your life. Maybe your have a family, a great job, a business to run – any or all of which can be jeopardized if you have to go to jail. What can you do if you suddenly discover that there’s a warrant out for your arrest on a case you long since forgot about, or that you thought was over and done with long ago?

How a Satellite Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

Warrants don’t generally go away on their own, and must be dealt with in one way or another eventually. Leaving an old warrant out for your arrest can affect you in many ways. Employers may find out about it and it can cost you a current or potential job. It can cause you hassles and headaches with international travel. It can also prevent you from obtaining Social Security benefits.

So what if you telephone the prosecutor’s office or the court to find out what you can do to get rid of the case? You may find yourself stonewalled. Many prosecutors will refuse to discuss a case at all if there is an active warrant that has not yet been served. They will say that you have to turn yourself in on the warrant (which may involve being stuck in jail for at least some period of time) in order to resolve the case. Court clerks may tell you the same thing, because while there is a warrant out and the case is not on a docket, there is little else they can do. Many criminal defense attorneys will agree, and tell you that you have no other options. Unfortunately, sometimes that is the only way to handle it.

But not always. Sometimes it is possible to handle such issues without having to go to jail first – there may be procedural defects in the warrant itself, or jurisdictional issues that existed when the warrant was originally issued. These issues are rare, but they do happen. A Satellite Beach Criminal Defense Attorney who has handled such issues before can review your case and tell you if there may other options available to you.

About Attorney Ruth Singer

Attorney Singer holds a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Florida. She also holds a J.D. from Florida A&M University College of Law, where she graduated at the top of her class. Attorney Singer clerked for an administrative law judge in the Drug Enforcement Administration in Arlington, VA, and worked as an Assistant Public Defender in Orlando, FL, before entering private practice. She is also admitted to practice in Oklahoma.

Attorney Singer is a dedicated and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney, with experience representing clients at both the trial and appellate levels. She has experience defending criminal cases through pretrial discovery, motions to suppress and dismiss, and at trial. As a former public defender, Attorney Singer strongly believes that the state must be held to its very high burden of proof. Attorney Singer aims to provide compassionate, client-focused legal representation and high-quality counsel that is accessible, affordable, and practical when it matters most. She has also advised and represented clients in cases involving old warrants.

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