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Estate Planning is one area of the law that can be relevant and helpful to everyone, regardless of age or economic status. Some people may believe that they do not have an “estate” to plan because they aren’t wealthy. In reality, we all have loved ones and assets that we want to protect when the unthinkable happens. An “estate” can potentially include everything a person owns – personal property, vehicles, real estate, and cash, along with less common things like intangibles (such as copyrights, trademarks, goodwill, etc.) and entitlements (such as a right to sue that survives death, etc.).

In addition to a Will, an estate plan can include things like a Health Care Surrogate, a Power of Attorney, and a Living Will, all of which are designed to help your loved ones care for you and honor your wishes. If you have children under 18, it is especially important to create an Estate Plan to protect your children’s future. In Florida, your plan can include a written designation of who you want appointed to take care of your children in the event both parents become incapacitated or die before they are grown. Without a proper designation in place, if both parents die or become incapacitated, a judge will have to appoint someone to take care of your children without the benefit of knowing you, your personal circumstances, or your wishes.

No matter how small or large your estate is, it is worth conserving and protecting for the future, for the sake of your loved ones and for your own peace of mind.

Estate Planning Lawyer

When she opened her Satellite Beach law firm, Attorney Ruth E. Singer was determined to help Central Floridians get the high quality legal services they deserve. She offers cost-effective legal advice and representation in the area of Estate Planning.

Affordable Estate Planning options, such as Wills, Trusts, and Guardianships, are available to everyone at The Singer Firm. These documents provide excellent ways to preserve and protect your assets and property for the benefit of your loved ones, no matter your age or income level. Attorney Singer enjoys practicing in the area of Estate Planning because she understands the value that her clients will gain from having a legal plan ready and in place before it is needed.

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